9 months have passed since the Law acceptance, which cancelled the mobility slavery, it is time to calculate first results and hear the reviews. It is interesting to mark that analysts didn’t make any “brave” forecasts; they considered that clients are happy only with an opportunity, but not all of them will be willing to change something. In reality, results were even lower than most skeptical analysts’ forecasts. Only 0,2% used MNP opportunity – around 500 thousand clients.


In other countries, where mobile slavery had been cancelled long time ago, this percentage is also not that high – around 0,5-3%.
J’son & Partners Consulting analysts were expecting that 5-7% of subscribers will use MNP service – 11-16 mln.people. Company’s representative Vitaly Solonin said that the calculation are made not based on number of active sim cards but from the number of “live” subscribers – 110 mln. in the country. Deputy Minister of Communication Denis Sverdlov considered that not less than 3 mln. clients will be willing to use the MNP service.