Mobile commerce takes off in Russia: Number of shoppers more than doubles in 2014

In line with the global trend, over the next few years the main driver of m-commerce in Russia will be the growing number of tablet and smartphone users. This is the primary thesis of the study “The Russian M-Commerce Market in 2014,” presented by the marketing agency RBC.research and reported by the e-commerce online portal Oborot.ru. The study defines m-commerce as the “order of any goods and services through the use of mobile Internet, regardless of payment methods.”

The study surveyed 4,142 Internet users in the period of September 6-17. Some 95% of respondents visited online shops selling goods or services via the Internet, and 83.3% of respondents had experience of buying goods via the Internet. Only 11.7% of respondents visited online stores for information purposes only and did not make any purchases from them in the past year.

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