Mobile communication penetration in Moscow has exceeded 220.4%

According to Advanced Communications & Media analytical report, by the end of Q2, 2014, the number of active SIM card users in Russia grew by 164.4K to reach 243.1 million. Thus, the penetration rate of mobile communication services in Russia now constitutes 170%.


According to the agency’s data, in big cities this figures is even higher. For example, mobile penetration rate in Moscow exceeds 220 SIm cards per 100 citizens.

In the whole, the positive dynamics will sustain in the Russian mobile communication market for a foreseen period, - say Advanced Communications & Media’s analysts.  There is still a great potential of mobile penetration enhancement in Russia: it will grow at the expense of growing number of mobile device per user (e.g. tablets) as well as connected home appliances, utilities etc.


Another important input into the active SIM card number growth is the desire of many users to have several mobile devices from different operators.