MTS showed the record increase of subscribers in 1H2014. Operator increased the number of subscribers for 7,8% vs last year indicators. Subscribers’ base reached 77,27 mln.users, the most outstanding was the Moscow region: the number of subscribers increased for 8% till 15,3 mln.clients.


PR department MTS said that subscribers’ base increased due to the growth of data-subscribers, including active sales of not expensive smartphones and tablets. Besides, the company marked low indicator of subscribers’ churn. Sales revenue from equipment decreased for 1% - 30,1 bln.RUB.


MTS competitors showed less impressive growth of subscribers. Megafon increased the number of subscribers in 1H2014 for 3% till 68 mln. users and number of Vimpelcom’s subscribers decreased for 1% till 56,3 mln.clients. Tele2 showed 33,3% growth and reached 30,98 mln. These data is not very honest in comparison with BIG 3 as the company consolidated mobile assets with Rostelecom.