Cellular operator MTS has launched new tariff option Free Travel – subscribers receive very appealing terms on voice calls in international roaming.


For 100 RUB per day, subscriber receives package from 60 min. – incoming and outcoming calls are being summarized and the duration of calls do not being summarized. If the limit is crossed, the cost per minute – 10 RUB. But it is obvious that 60 per day – is much more than average MOU (around 20 min per day), so many subscribers will have free minutes and they will “burn” if the subscriber didn’t use them, so this option is profitable for those, who speak a lot (outcoming calls).


For incoming calls, operator offers option Zero Without Borders – 33 RUB per day – incoming calls will be free within 200 min per month and 10 min per each call. Outoming calls – very high tariff, but it is possible to use option Go-Go Roaming (USSD Callback).


One of the key negative effect – option is valid in a restricted number of countries, only in 16 of them – France, Italy, UK, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany, UAE, Austria, Israel, Armenia, Hungary, Australia, Ireland, Poland and Portugal.