MTT has launched new type of direction in Russian mobile communication – full-MNVO solutions.

Full MVNO: Nice Flight


At the moment, in Russia, light-MNVO is mostly operating. These are operators, which provide services under the “roof” of large market players and which use agency scheme for provision of services. Interesting moments of such projects – use not only basic operators’ infrastructure, but also the billing system, service for subscribers support, numeric capacity etc.


Full-MVNO, on the other hand, is an independent system, which gives the operator an opportunity to develop, and for subscriber – the assurance for long term cooperation.


Where to, virtual can grow.


In general, MNVO market has a potential in our country. J’son & Partners Consulting agency have provided numbers, according to which, the share of independent MVNO in Russia was 0.2% (0.5 mln.subscribers) at the end of 1H2013. Subscriber base of virtual operators in Russia is not more than 1% of the number of active SIM cards, while in Europe and USA virtual operators have tens of percents of the market.