Digital Music Market will grow because of mobile devices users.


Such conclusion was made by J’son & Partners Consulting analysts. According to company’s forecast, Russian Digital Music market will increase 2,5 times by 2015.


DIGITAL MUSIC – ismusic, which can be listened on digital devices and distributed via digital distribution channels.


Sales volume of Digital Music Market in Russia in 2013 was 41,6 mln.USD (J’son & Partners Consulting). It is expected, the market will increase for more than 2,5 times by 2016 and will reach 108,9 mln. USD.The agency considers that the increasing availability of smartphones will influence the distribution of apps – access to music in the phone: “Many market players admit that exactly an opportunity to distribute music content via mobile platforms is the most important factor, which influences the development of Digital Music Content Market”.


Besides, J’son & Partners marked that iTunes market launch will influence the market development, “iTunes market launch: Apple ecosystem is closed and very appealing for those, who can pay, and can be a strong driver for market development in Russia “.