As of September 2014, Russian operators are planning or already have tested SDN on their networks.


Optimistic scenario – first implementations of commercial network – during the coming year, more realistic – in 2-3 years. NFV concept is more “not ready”, operators wait for successful cases on global market.


J’son & Partners Consulting conducted a survey about SDN and NFV implementation plans on commercial networks among largest Russian telecom operators. The survey was conducted in terms of the research: New trends in mobile communication: NFV and SDN.


SDN/NFV status in Russia
As of August – September 2014, major part of surveyed operators of mobile and fixed communication (over 70%) were on the stage of research and analysis of SDN and NFV opportunities. Half of operators – on test stage.


Terms for technologies’ implementation on commercial operators’ networks.


Most operators in Russia consider 2016 – 2017 – years for implementation SDN/NFV technologies on commercial networks.


Around 7% - it will happen in 2015, while 29% couldn’t answer for sure.