Online TV and video via broadband fixed Internet networks will be watched by 705,53 mln.HHs in the world by 2020 vs 196,9 mln.HHs in 2010 and 374,43 in 2014 (expectations). Such data was provided by Digital TV Research.
Only in Asia Pacific region, number of HHs, that watch OTT video, will increase for 231 mln. in 2013 – 2020, this is 61%  of the total global growth. 140 mln. will be in China, the number of OTT viewers in this country will be 206 mln. that more than in Europe in general. In 2014 China will be ahead of USA by number of OTT viewers.


Penetration of OTT in the world by 2020 will reach 47,6%, while it was only 15,4% in 2010. The highest penetration will be in South Korea (79,8%) by 2020, the lowest – in India (21,9%). 
According to analysts’ forecasts, number of SVOD (subscription model) subscribers will be 199 mln. (for comparison – at the end of 2014 – only 83 mln.).


According to J’son & Partners Consulting: global OTT market by 2017 could reach the volume in 28,9 bln.USD, 3,1 times growth for the last three years. Share of Russian companies on the global OTT video services market at the end of 2013 was less than 1%.