Pavel Titov, DupZapper: the most important thing for us is to see a significant amount of fraud attempts we have helped our clients to prevent

Gaming Congress makes more and more friends. Among those who traditionally speak at the event is our interviewee. Pavel Titov's specialization is analytics and data processing in online gambling with a focus on technology to detect abuse at gambling sites and browser-based games. The guests at Gaming Congress in Georgia highlighted Mr. Titov’s report on the topic of bonus abuse.

On June 3-4, 2015, at the Russian Gaming Week 2015 in Moscow, he will present even more interesting and useful information and share some ways and practices for anti-fraud in online gambling. In the meantime, Mr. Titov has agreed to give us an exclusive interview.

1. Tell us about yourself, your professional achievements, scope of the activities of your company.

I have a decade's experience in creating online products and their use, including the field of gaming. In recent years, our team has drawn attention to the increasing damage caused by fraud in online gambling and the lack of complete easy-to-implement solutions on the market. Therefore, we set up DupZapper, a service to help detect and prevent online fraud attempts, including methods that are specific to gambling and online gaming. Last year, DupZapper was awarded a special prize at the iSecurity 2014 competition conducted by the Skolkovo Fund as one of the best projects in the field of information security in Russia, but the most important thing for us is to see a significant amount of fraud attempts we have helped our clients to prevent.

2. Tell us about the subject of the report that you will present at the conference. Who is your report for? Who must attend the conference?

I will talk about the fraud trends in online gambling: what risks exist and how they can be prevented without significant administrative costs on the example of some of our clients. The content of the report will be interesting to all whose position is associated with the development of the customer base, increasing its value and LTV players, as well as with the fight against fraud.

3. Assess the current state of the gambling industry. What are your forecasts regarding its future development?

Of course, online gambling has a great future. I am sure that there will be a growth of not only quantitative indicators (entering new market segments), but also qualitative ones. There will continue to appear more complex high-margin products and games that are more interesting. Bonus programs and other "smart" strategies of retaining and attraction of players will continue to become more complex.

4. What is an advantage of such conferences as RGW? What would you like to hear at the conference and why is it necessary to our participants to come?

In my opinion, gambling conferences are very important for the industry: they give us an opportunity not only to learn about updates and changes, but also to meet with colleagues. I am very pleased that the Russian-speaking industry keeps up with foreign one and Russian Gaming Week will take place in Moscow this summer.

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