Number of subscribers will increase till 45,3 mln.HH and Pay TV penetration rate will hit 83% by 2018. At the end of 1H2014, penetration was 68%.


Pay TV Market: current state and market forecast


Russian Pay TV Market is one of the largest in the world: 37,1 mln.HHs at the end of 1H2014, connected to cable, IP and satellite TV. For comparison – subscriber base in USA is 100 mln.HHs, penetration rate is 84%; in Poland this indicator reached 11,4 mln.HHs, penetration is 73%
Russian Pay TV market volume at the end of 1H2014 was 31,9 bln.RUB. The largest market segment – cable TV (16,3 bln.RUB), next is Satellite TV (10,6 bln.RUB), IPTV (5,0 bln.RUB. 
Pay TV ARPU will grow for 15 RUB/month and will reach 158 RUB/month in the period 1H2014 – 2018


Pay TV Subscriber base, 2012-1H2014 
According to J'son & Partners Consulting, subscriber base of Pay TV market in Russia at the end of 1H2014 was 37,1 mln.HHs that is 6% higher than in the beginning of 2014. Penetration rate has reached 68%.