Pay TV went up by 2 percent.

According to TelecomDaily report, Russia’s pay TV subscriber base has reached 35 million users in Q1, 2014 showing quarterly growth rate of 2% compare to Q4, 2013.


Penetration level for pay TV services in Russia has reached 64%, while only seven biggest operators account for almost 80% of the total Russian pay TV market volume in subscriber terms.


Tricolor TV holds the leading position by the number of households subscribed (quarterly growth 3.4%, total number of subscribers – 10.44 million). The leadership team is populated by Rostelecom (Number of subscribers = M7.61), MTS (M2.7), ER-Telecom (M2.6), Orion Express (M2.13), AKADO (M2.1), Beeline TV (K940), and NTV Plus (K650). All other pay TV operators are totally accountable for M7.47 connected households.