Quality by weight

By Daria Lutzau, ComNews issuing editor.


The phrase “You have to pay for everything” is well-familiar to all of us. We are used to a simple rule: the better the service – the higher the price. But is it always true?


In the telecom sector, the price / quality ratio is as true as is other business areas. There are no doubts, for example, that, if you pay 500 RUR for 5 GB of traffic, then you will have to pay 150 RUR for 1 GB. There are no questions why the monthly internet subscription costs 700 RUR per month for a 50 MBpS connection while it only comes to 100 RUR per month for the speed of 2 MBpS.


Anyway, everything is quite clear when we are paying for quantity. It’s even easier while talking about tangible and measurable parameters, such as traffic volume.  But it’s rather strange when you get charge for intangible things. For example, the other day MTS launched paid call center service for momentary connection to a call-center operator. A caller who does not want to “sit in the line” for 10-20 minutes can pay 20 rubles and get momentary access to a call center operator for all day.