By number of cable broadband access subscribers, Rostelecom took the third place in September in Moscow. Operator announced that subscribers’ base under OnLime brand increased for 13%, over 600 thousand at the moment.


OnLime operates in Moscow starting 2008. Rostelecom said, “The total number of new connections in 2014 vs 2013 increased for 26%, in April-August the growth reached 30-40%”.


Largest amount of operator’s subscribers have chosen tariffs with access speed 50 MB/sec. Around 33% broadband access OnLime subscribers also use the digital TV service. Operator marked the growth of such subscribers is still growing. The company has a technical opportunity to connect 3,6 mln. flats in Moscow.


According to TelecomDaily data on September 2014, MTS keeps the leadership by number of cable broadband access subscribers in Moscow, including the territory of New Moscow. MGTS has 1 mln.255 thousand subscribers. Vimpelcom has second place with 775 thousand subscribers. Third place was taken by Akado for a long time (725 thousand subscribers), but its number didn’t grow during the year. And Rostelecom took this place with 735 thousand subscribers, Megafon still at the fourth place with 389 thousand subscribers.