Large Russian operators fixed the growth of online video popularity among users, in this view, they start pay attention to the question, how to increase the throughput capacity of the networks (Vedomosti).


In particular, Akado Telecom is planning to expand the throughput network’s capacity from 410 till 730 Gbyte/sec by the end of 2014 – said operator’s representative Denis Richko. In general, Akado is planning to spend over 1 bln.RUB on modernization of broadband networks, 25% more than in 2013.


According to Richki’s words, 37% of all traffic in Akado – is online video, torrents – 27%. It is interesting, in the beginning of 2013, torrents were main resources for video content for users, and share of online video was much less. According to Akado’s representatives, one of the reason for such growth – increasing number of devices, which allow to watch video in the Internet - Tablets and smart-TVs. He forecasts that the traffic volume per subscriber will increase by the end of the year vs the end of 2013 – 30%.


Rostelecom on the other hand admits that video traffic in the network is growing faster than traffic in general, especially during Olympic Games in Sochi and Football Championship.


According to Andrey Polyakov (Rostelecom), capital cost on infrastructure development will be 20-22% of the revenue by the end of 2014, in 2015 – not less.