And according to their clients, also analysts, knowledge and clearness in work.


Buman Media agency surveyed 100 PR directors of large Russian and international companies and identified main tendencies in relations of PR Departments with external partners.


Despite the unstable international economic situation, companies do not plan to cut the PR costs. 80% planned same costs as last year, 40% are planning to increase the budget next year and only 5% cut the costs or planning to do so. PR costs are also impressive: 51% companies spend 7 mln.RUB, over 1/3 is being spent on advertising agencies’ services. 28% of surveyed spend from 2 till 5 mln.RUB on PR Department.


63% companies are clients of external PR companies, 27% do not use such services due to lack of money and trust in these questions.


In general, advertising agencies don’t have to worry, 77% of companies are planning to use their services next year.


But it doesn’t mean companies are ready to delegate important and strategic tasks to such agencies.


SMM is conquering PR market: work with social network is in top tasks for 52% PR Directors. Among the most popular social networks, the most effect Russian PR marked in Facebook (58% positive responses), next is Vkontakte (37%),  Odnoklassniki and Twitter - 9% and 15%. Linkedin is an outsider and received only 4% votes.