Russian TELCOs speed up their LTE networks

MTS is the first of the largest Russian mobile operators who launched a fragment of LTE over GSM network. This “LTE by MTS” network fragment running in Bashkortostan on the basis of Ericsson equipment, said operator’s representative, Dmitry Solodovnikov.


Using the 1800 MHz band split instead of 2600 MHz allows to almost double the coverage area of one base transmitting station (BTS). It is important to mention that current GSM-operators can re-use a significant part of their 1800 MHz band equipment after transitioning to LTE, Solodovnikov said.


Mr. Solodovnikov expects that the use of the 1800 MHz band for LTE will be massive worldwide. Many

popular smartphone models, such as iPhones-5S, already feature the possibility of working with 1800 MHz LTE band split.