SIM-card are off to an “autonomous navigation”

Despite operators’ struggling with free SIM-cards distribution “down and out”, it continues on Moscow streets. Cellular companies put the blame to dealers. However, the dealers disdain the allegations without accepting the blame.


ComNews’s correspondents have this situation many times as well. The other day, one of them has been offered to buy a "Mobile TeleSystems" (MTS)’s SIM-card with 100 rubles on account near the "Krasnoselskaya" metro station. An unfilled form was attached to the package.


“SIM card smuggling should be qualified as a case of a dealer fraud”, - MTS’s spokesman Dmitry Solodovnikov said in an interview to ComNews.


BeeLine (“VimpelCom) has joined MTS’s declaration. “As a loyal company, we are dstrictly against SIM cards rendering without a passport”, - said “Vimpelcom’s” press secretary Anna Aybasheva.


Another Big Three operator, Megafon’s press-secretary Olesya Yaremenko joined her colleagues. “SIM cards distribution near Metro stations and in other public places without concluding a contract with a subscriber, where their passport information is filed, is illegal”, - she said.


Last but not least, a Tele-2’s representative said that Tele2 Russia does not distribute its SIM cards freely.