Movies are back on TV screens. According to Ivi.ru, people watch more and more movies on Smart TV in 2014 (44% of the total number), rather than on laptops and PCs (31%).


Representatives of other online services confirm this tendency.


According to iKS-Consulting data, there are over 20 market players, 7 of them have 91% market share. The largest among them (data of 2013) are Ivi.ru (28% market share), Play (16%), Tvigle and Videomore (by 13% per each broadcast platform).
Analysts didn’t mark the dominating business model on this market, Play, for example is using policy of pay access, Tvigle is counting on advertising and Ivi.ru is trying to combine both ways.  J’son & Partners Consulting considers, that the situation will change with time: by 2017 share of advertising monetization model will decreased till 45,6% from 46,4% in 2013 and share of paid business-models will increase from 25% in 2013 till 27% by 2017.