Park of Smart TVs will reach 29,8 mln. by 2017 in Russia. This is 22% of the total number in the country, forecast by J’son & Partners Consulting. 7,2 mln. such TVs will be sold by 2017 or 78% of all sold TVs with flat screen (LCD and plasma screen).


According to GFK data, 3,3 mln. Smart TV or 36% of all flat TVs have been sold in Russia in 2013. If not to count Smart TVs that users already have (bought before), at the end of 2013 the penetration rate was 5% of the total park of TVs or 6,1 mln. At the end of the current year, this numbers could reach 9% or 10,5 mln.pcs and by 2017 – 22% (29,8 mln.devices).


According to Gemius’ research, there are 4,2 mln. Smart TV (1,5 mln. of them are active). The number of Smart TV viewers – 4,5 mln.people.