According to Havas Media’s research, global goods turnover via social networks in 2013 was 9 bln.USD and can increase twice by 2015.


Social networks allow users not only share ideas but also useful information regarding the purchase and use of goods and services, plus to receive feedbacks and it doesn’t matter whether you purchase the good online or in the shop. Besides, advertising is becoming more interactive and attract potential audience. One of the most important and actual trends in the modern marketing - is so-called social shopping.


First task of advertising – is to get acquainted users with new brand. Contact is needed for this, and for contact – the attraction of users’ attention. This is one of the tasks that social shopping is solving. For example, a lot of users could research WarbyParker glasses on Pinterest.com, the one that bloggers are wearing and to go directly to the link where they can buy them.


Example from Russia – app for Facebook before the launch of new mascara Givenchy Mascara Noir Couture Volume. Before the official announcement of the product, users were able to subscribe and receive the tester of new mascara via this app on Facebook (agency Havas Digital and SocialCraft for Givenchy).