The HD 3D

“3D – MediaGroup” company, operating under a trade mark 3DMG, launched 3 free-of-charge own made TV channels in 3D format. Dmitry Yershov, the “3D – MediaGroup” managing director, has told a STANDARD’s correspondent about the reasons for choosing the SMART TV technology, as well as about other project’s specific features.


3DMG started operations in 2013 when it announced the launch of 3D TV broadcast. But does the company management think they managed to realize their ambitions? “Yes, indeed, - says Dmitry Yershov, - moreover, starting July 2014 we offer these channels to IPTV and cable operators”.


The most difficult thing, however, according to Mr. Yershov, appeared to be “concept selection and work-out for every 3D content type”.


According to Yershov, every channel has its own direction and mainstream audience. For instance, first channel called AnyDay is dedicated to original people and their hobbies. The other channel is featuring beautiful nature sceneries and places of interest. There is also a channel dedicated to a big city’s events and places.


“We have something interesting for any audience type, - says Yershov, - our correspondents highlight several events in the city, tell people about historical and cultural features of their city, and familiarize spectators with famous artworks”.