The specifics of the modern smartphone market

A contemporary St. Petersburg citizen could not survive without a mobile phone. Smartphones have become an indispensable part of people's. According to J'son & Partners Consulting analysts, the total Russian market of "smart" phones will reach 39.9 million units within a four-year term. The share of smartphones in the sales of all mobile devices will increase u[ to 92%.


Many industry experts think, however, that the functional component of today’s smartphones has reached its limit. That's why leading manufacturers mainly experiment with the gadget design, form factor, and the ease of use.


Most flagship gadgets focus on the new features such as fitness functionality, becoming more durable and protected from negative environmental effects. A striking example is Samsung Galaxy S5, which differs from its predecessor by using the highest level (IP67) of rain, dust and sand protection.


Sony, as before, is emphasizing on the importance on improving its photo functionality. While a new flagship Experia Z2 with 20.5 megapixel camera is being demonstrated, experts once again reminded that “cameraphones” are a huge part of the future mobile industry.

LG G Flex smartphone with a unique curved screen surface is another example of an outstanding design. According to most experts, the gadget with a similar design takes a certain place in the mobile phone segment, becoming the most advanced technologies demonstration, but, however, will never become a mass-market product.