Pay Internet will appear in RZD trains.


It will be possible to pay for it, together with ticket purchasing. Federal Passengers Company will implement the project. Cellular networks of Russian operators and satellite VSAT terminals will be used for it. There will be several tariffs.


The portal operates in the train №145/146 Moscow- Nazran; the testing will start in the train №31/32 Moscow — Helsinki and in the new speed train Strizh, manufactured by Spanish Patentes Talgo Sl (Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod).
There is an internet access to multimedia content and restaurants’ menu in the train. Other functions are under development – it will take several months. Train social network will possibly also appear on the portal; the passengers will be able to date and talk to each other.


The access to Internet and the content will be paid. At the moment, internet costs 100 RUB per hour and 400 – unlimited. The cost of content will be paid depend on the operator, in average – from 100 RUB per movie or 150 – unlimited access.


According to the Head of Wireless Technologies Department Vitaly Solonin (J'son & Partners Consulting), “Everything will depend on the quality of provided services (access speed ping, stability of connection etc.) and the quality of covered mobile communication 3G/4G. If the access quality via 3G/4G is ok, there is no need to purchase additional Internet services, as users will be able to access the network by their own.