Satellite TV operator Orion Express has announced the launch of federal advertising campaign.


Operator is going to improve the dynamics of number of subscribers with the help of the project. The expected audience – 37 mln.people, which corresponds to the total Pay TV market volume.


The number of Orion Express subscribers has increased for 71% in 1H2014, while the growth of other market players was 10-11%. More likely, the company doesn’t want to stop and is going to fasten its position via federal advertising.


Operator has launched a video promo on 30 TV channels, among them are NTV, niche federal and regional channels. The campaign will also be broadcasted on radio and offices – partners (install branded TV cards) all around Russia.


Analysts say that today around 37 mln.HHs are using pay TV services. In general, according to


J’son & Partners Consulting specialists, satellite TV together with IPTV attracts the highest number of subscribers among all Pay TV segments. During 2012 – 1H2014 – growth of satellite TV subscriber base was 30%. 14 mln.HHs use the services of satellite TV.According toiKS-Consulting estimations, share of satellite TV will reach till 40% by 2018 in the total structure of Pay TV. So, there is a room for growth for satellite operators.