“Ukrtelecom” owes to Sevastopol

“Ukrtelecom”, and Ukrainian fixed telecom operator, has over 45-million-ruble debt to Crimean electrical power suppliers and therefore can stop rendering telecom services in the territory of Sevastopol, - Vadim Dvoryanenko, a chief communication officer of the City Government of Sevastopol, reported last Friday.


According to Vadim Dvoryanenko, “Ukrtelecom” is out of Russia’s legislative field, and therefore may be unable to pay for electrical power, and other, vendors, in rubles.


“On the contrary, the Sevastopol citizens can’t pay the bills, cut by Ukrainian operators, in Hrivnas (the Ukrainian currency), - noted Mr.  Dvoryanenko. – We are aware of this problem, and currently we are looking for ways out”.


In turn, Ukrainian operator “Ukrtelecom”, owned by millionaire Rinat Akhmetov, registered “Nash Telecom” (“Our telecom”), a Russian Ukrtelecom’s subsidiary in Crimea as long ago as in June 2014. This company formally belongs to Cyprian offsohore venture “UA TelecomInvest Limited”.


Owner Mr. Dvoryanenko says that his telecom offshore has not yet started rendering telecom services in the Crimea because not all the documents, required by the law, are ready.