Starting the beginning of the year, Yandex shares decreased for 35%,  Mail.ru Group – for 37% while RTC indicator decreased only for 14%. Analysts consider, the government regulation in the Internet is the reason for this.


Business still is growing


Yandex stocks on NASDAQ (2nd January – first trading day in 2014) cost $42,63 per paper; last Friday (3rd October) the price was $27,67 – 35% decrease for 9 month. The capitalization of largest Russian internet companies decreased for more than $4,8 bln. – till $8,883 bln. The cost of its major competitor Mail.ru Group, during the same period, decreased for $3,4 bln. – till  $5,855 bln. First working day in January, stocks of this company cost on London Exchange - $44,22 per paper, and last Friday - $28, it means – 37% fall.


Meanwhile, RTC indicator decreased for around 14% - till 1120,2 p.p. for January – October.