Wakie, the social alarm clock that lets you wake up strangers, finally arrives on iOS

– “Hey there, I’m just calling to wake you up,” I said a little awkwardly.

– “Thanks. Where are you from?” replied a female voice with a thick Irish accent.

– “The UK. You’re from Ireland, right?”

– “How could you tell?” she said wryly.

– “The flag at the top of the screen.”

It took 9 months to be approved, but, Wakie — the ‘social alarm clock’ that lets you wake up (and be woken up by) strangers — has finally arrived on iOS. Launched originally in Russia as a website back in 2011, before being rebuilt and debuting on Windows Phone and Android earlier this year, the app is designed to replace your phone’s alarm clock with a call from a real person: Namely, another member of the Wakie community.

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