LTE by Yota is now working on iPhone, including the 6 model, the sales of which just have been opened. As a result, we have the fourth operator in Russia with an expanded coverage, which networks are being supported by iPhone. Previously, LTE was not available for iPhone holders, as Yota didn’t yet pass the check-in by Apple as a new operator.


LTE by Yota will be available on smartphones iPhone 5S and 5C after iOS 8 update. On the latest models iPhone 6 and 6 Plus LTE will operate on default mode.


Just a week or two ago, Yota became a full-scale cellular operator on federal level by starting the sales of SIM cards with support of 2G, 3G and 4G networks. New SIM cards can be purchased by citizens of 10 large cities, the pre-sale is being opened in 10 more cities. Starting the announcement, the company has received 150 thousand applications for SIM card.


The min tariff on unlimited internet and 100 min calls on Russian operators’ networks will cost 440 RUB in Moscow and 340 RUB in St.Petersburg. Yota put the restriction on use of SIM card on other devices. The operator offers the max speed internet only for mobile phones, if the card is in router or tablet, the speed will be automatically lower.