Pay TV Market in the Republic of Kazakhstan

February 2015

Analytical Report (full version)

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Analytical Report (full version)

Pay TV Market in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Pay TV Market  in the Republic of Kazakhstan
February 2015

Pay TV Market in the Republic of Kazakhstan

February 2015

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J’son & Partners Consulting presents short results of the research: Pay TV Market in the Republic of Kazakhstan.



General Market Description


According to the J'son & Partners Consulting’s methodology, Pay TV subscribers are those users who willingly decided to connect Pay TV services (sign an agreement, choose best tariff) and who pay subscriber fee, charged by Pay TV operator.


In Kazakhstan, there are Pay TV users and other categories of users – users of free packages, provided by OTAU TV operator and pirate satellite dishes, which are potential users of extended package offers, in total – around 620 thousand HHs. 



J’son & Partners Consulting’s estimations: in 2014 Pay TV Market in RK increased for 46% and was over 1,6 mln.HHs vs indicators in 2012. Penetration had also grown for 35% during the same period. J’son & Partners Consulting’s experts consider that Pay TV subscriber base in RK can reach over 2,5 mln.HHs by 2017.



Pay TV Market is a dynamically developing one, during 2012-2017 penetration rate will increase from 24% till 52%.


The highest number of subscribers on Pay TV market in the Republic of Kazakhstan had been connected to cable TV in 2014 – 69% of the total subscriber base. In perspective, till 2017, there won’t be any changes in market structure, although, there will be a transition of cable TV subscribers to satellite TV. Share of IPTV technology will lose 1%.



Market Structure by Players


Pay TV market in RK is presented by four main market players, and they actively compete between each other. ALMA-TV took the major market share – around 42% as of 1H2014. Kazakhtelecom is the second one with 32%. Share of OTAU’s subscribers is twice more than ICON – 10% and 5% accordingly.



Pay TV Market Volume, $


J’son & Partners Consulting’s data: Pay TV market volume in the Republic of Kazakhstan in USD equivalent in 2014 drastically decreased its growth rates, around 4% vs 2013, due to the national currency depreciation in February 2014. ARPU dropped till 6,6 USD.



Market will keep sustainable growth for over 20% per year till 2017, if currency remains stable, and can reach 241 mln.USD by the end of the period. 



Pay TV market growth in $ is not stable, due to national currency volatility, ARPU’s growth is expected due to VAS-services and subscribers’ transition on premium package offer. Pay TV market development in the Republic of Kazakhstan can be restrained by government regulations and development of DVB-T2 standard, but the possibility of these actions is estimated as “low”. 


Detailed Results of the Research are Presented in the Full Version of the Report: Pay TV Market in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Results of 2014.


Example of Report’s Content


  1. Introduction
  2. Pay TV Services’ Classification

2.1. Methodology and Sources of Information

  1. Pay TV Market in the Republic of Kazakhstan

3.1. Quantitative Indicators in 2014: Subscriber Base, Market Structure by Technologies, Number of Channels, Regions

3.2. Characteristics of the Largest Pay TV Market Operators

3.3. Profiles of Largest Pay TV Market Operators,2014

3.3.1. Profiles of Major Cable TV Operators, 2014

3.3.2. Profiles of Major Satellite TV Operators, 2014

3.3.3. Profiles of Major IPTV Operators, 2014

3.3.4. Profiles of Major OTT Operators, 2014

3.4. Deals Overview: Key M&A Deals, 2012-2014

  1. Macroeconomic Regions’ Indicators: Population (Rural, Urban), Unemployment Rate, Income per Capita
  2. Local Pay TV Markets, 2014: Subscriber Base, Penetration Rate, Revenue, ARPU, Market Structure by Operators and Technologies

6. TV Content Production and Distribution

6.1. TV Content for Pay TV Aggregators and Distributors

6.2. Audience’s Content Preferences

  1. Content of Services

7.1. Quantitative Indicators

7.2. Qualitative Characteristics

  1. Operators’ Tariff Policy and Offered TV Channels

8.1. Operators’ Tariffs on Pay TV Services

8.2. List of Non-Terrestrial TV Channels, Republic of Kazakhstan

8.3. Coverage of Non-Terrestrial TV Channels

8.4. TV Channels’ Topics Popularity

9. Pay TV Market: Tendencies and Development Forecasts, by Technologies, 2012-2018: Market Structure and Volume (pcs., $), Penetration Rate, ARPU

10. List of Video on Demand Services(VOD/PPV) in Pay TV, 2012-2018

11. Conclusion

  1. List of Companies Mentioned in the Report


This Information Note is Prepared by J’son & Partners Consulting, We strive to provide factual and prognostic data that fully reflect the situation and are available to us before issuing the material. J’son & Partners Consulting reserves the right to revise the data after publication of new official information by the market players.


J’son & Partners Consulting presents short results of the research: Pay TV Market in the Republic of Kazakhstan.