Russian E-Money Market, Results of 1H2014

December 2014

Analytical Report (full version)

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Analytical Report (full version)

Russian E-Money Market, Results of 1H2014
Russian E-Money Market, Results of 1H2014
December 2014

Russian E-Money Market, Results of 1H2014

December 2014

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J’son & Partners Consulting presents short results of the research: Russian E-Money Market, Results of 1H2014. 


Electronic payment systems (EPS) can be divided in to the following categories:


Payment Terminals

Remote Financial Services




          Mobile Banking

      Mobile Operators Payments



E-Money is emitter’s money liabilities in electronic form based on e-device, which belongs to the user.



According to J’son & Partners Consulting the payment turnover via e-money systems has increased for 38% in 1H2014 vs same indicator at the end of 1H2013 and has reached 270 bln RUB. Market turnover will reach 570 bln RUB and a little less than 1 trln RUB at the end of 2014 and 2018 accordingly.



In 1H2014, 320 mln transactions were done on e-money market. This indicator will hit 600 mln by the end of the year with 20% growth vs the previous year. According to J'son & Partners Consulting’s forecast, the growth rate of number of transactions will be 7% and will reach 870 mln by 2018.




Due to J'son & Partners Consulting’s analysis the constant increase of average volume per transaction facilitates fast turnover growth. This indicator was on the level of 690 RUB in 2012 and around 850 RUB in 1H2014. According to J'son & Partners Consulting, this tendency will remain against background of the changing payment structure.


Share of transfers (including money transfers; replenishment of e-wallets, transfers between accounts, including to credit organizations) has yearly been increasing in the turnover structure of payments via e-money systems and overstepped share of payments for mobile communication in 2013 for the first time. This tendency remained in 1H2014 and share of payments for mobile communication has slightly decreased, share of transfers, on contrary, increased.



In 1H2014, market of payments via e-money systems continues to grow. It is worth to mention that amendments to Federal Laws # 115 and #161 dated 14.05.2014 practically didn’t influence the market growth rates.



More dynamic growth of payments turnover is mainly due to changes in payments structure – average volume per transaction in the money transfer segment is considerable than in other segments. 


Currently, e-money systems operators are developing their services: almost all players are trying to increase the number of companies, which services can be paid by e-money, and also improve users interface. It also important to mention that simplicity and convenient way to make payments together with opportunity to use e-wallet for payments (instead of banking card) is a key competitive advantage of e-money systems in front of other types of EPS.


Experts Opinion


J'son & Partners Consulting’s analysts surveyed experts and key market players of the industry and found out their opinion regarding current situation and perspectives of e-money market in Russia. Representatives of Webmoney and Yandex.Money refused to comment.



Detailed Results of the Research are Presented in the Full Version of the Report: E-Money Market in Russia, Results of 1H2014


Example of the Report’s Content


  1.      Resume
  2.      Introduction
  3.      Electronic Payment Systems Market, Results of 1H2014 

3.1.    Brief market overview

3.2.    Market volume and dynamics

3.3.    Tendencies and forecasts     

  1.      E-Moneyforeignmarket
  2.      Legislation, regulating e-money market in Russia
  3.      Russian payments market via e-money, 2008A-2013A-2014H1A-2018F

6.1.    Dynamics of payments turnover by market segments

6.2.    Dynamics of payments turnover by key market players

6.3.    Dynamics of transactions by key market players

6.4.    Dynamics of balances by key market players

6.5.    Dynamics of average commission

6.6.    Dynamics of active wallets

6.7.    Key sources of e-money replenishment

  1.     Profiles of largest market players – E-money Market in Russia
  2.     Conclusion


This Information Note is Prepared by J’son & Partners Consulting, We strive to provide factual and prognostic data that fully reflect the situation and are available to us before issuing the material. J’son & Partners Consulting reserves the right to revise the data after publication of new official information by the market players.



J’son & Partners Consulting presents short results of the research: Russian E-Money Market, Results of 1H2014.