Russian Mobile Games Market

November 2012

Analytical Report (full version)

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Analytical Report (full version)

Russian Mobile Games Market
Russian Mobile Games Market
November 2012

Russian Mobile Games Market

November 2012

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J'son & Partners Consulting presents brief results of the research "Russian mobile games market".

The objective of the study was the analysis of the Russian market of mobile games, which provides a complete overview of the market structure and the dynamics of its development. Games for different mobile operating systems are thoroughly analyzed in the present report. Main projects and players, key trends and forecast of the market development up to 2016 are also considered. Besides, the study includes the analysis of the global mobile games market.


Mobile games classification

J'son & Partners Consulting study considered mobile games for all platforms existing on the market, all possible genres and game mechanics.


Considering the mobile games market the following segments have been eliminated:


      • games for tablets,
      • games for social networks,
      • games for netbooks,
      • additional mobile services for PC games,
      • games for portable game consoles.


The reason for excluding Tablet PC games from the market is as follows. Games on Tablet PCs formed a separate market, which has a sufficiently large number of differences from games for mobile phones and requires a separate analysis.



The size of global mobile games market

According to J'son & Partners Consulting estimations, the global mobile games market in 2012 will amount to 9.9 billion USD. This market is one of the fastest growing in the last two years with the average annual growth rate of over 50%.



In the study of the mobile games market J'son & Partners Consulting compares the global mobile games market with online games market, the largest market in the entertainment segment. This comparison results in that the proportion of mobile game revenues compared to revenues from online games increased. For example, in 2010 it was 25% in 2012 according to the forecasts it will reach 40%. Mobile games market will continue to develop rapidly, occupying a dominant position among other areas of online games.


The period of 2012-2013 will be the completion period of intense growth market phase, when the positions of the main developers, publishers, app stores have already been identified, and each participant is focused on a specific niche market. To date, the high level of competition practically deprives small software companies of profit when they refuse to support publishers.



According to J'son & Partners Consulting, in 2012 a global audience of mobile games was 1.02 billion, and by 2016 the number of players will reach 1.53 billion people.


Among the main trends of the global mobile games market J'son & Partners Consulting experts distinguish the following:


       new formats of games that have been made possible due to the unique functionality, combined,
           in one device. Availability of GPS-module explains the emergence of a new type of game - 
           игр – geolocation;
       growing popularity of games on mobile devices is the result of the promotion of mobile games in
           other segments of the games market (social and online games);
       prevalence of shareware games in the market due to the convenience of this monetization
           model for new smartphone users. The user can go through the whole game for free, with a
           number of functions sufficient to complete all levels of game. The fee is charged only for
           additional game functions;
       the emergence of a new format of games promotion - cross-advertising, promotion of new
           games to users with the help of existing products;
       demand for automated mobile metrics and analytics from developers creates offers of analytical
           products from such companies as: Flurry Analytics, App Annie and Distimo;
       appearance of design tools that make it possible to create multi-platform solution that allows
           developers to create products for multiple mobile platforms.


Mobile games market size in Russia

Mobile Games present a rapidly growing category of Russian games market. Mobile games are the leaders in terms of downloading from the App Store, accounting for 60% of total downloads. The number of players is also growing: at the end of 2012 the number of mobile gamers was 38.6 million, and by 2016 according J'son & Partners Consulting forecasts, mobile audience will grow to 65.1 million people.



Specific feature of the Russian market of mobile games is a high level of Java-games preference among gamers. Java-games are widely used on standard mobile phones. It is not correct to estimate the games market in Russia without Java-games, since their share is high and makes about 64%.



Quantitative changes in the structural segments such as a significant decrease in the share of Java-based games and the increase in mobile games applications are typical features for Russian market of mobile gam.


In general, mobile games market size will reach 392 million USD by the end of 2012.



Mobile games market in Russia is very promising, facilitated by a number of drivers of both national and global scales. Drivers of the Russian market of mobile games, according to J'son & Partners Consulting experts, are as follows:


       increase of 3G-networks geographical coverage,
       increase of the number of players, as well as the increase of the smartphones park,
       decline in the average price of devices,
       profound experience of developers and publishers.


The market in Russia in terms of its global structure is strongly influenced by the global market drivers.


An interesting trend can be observed In the domestic market of mobile games: big budgets are spent not only on the development of games, but also on mobile marketing. Currently, it is not enough to create an interesting game application without an effective marketing strategy. Promotion of mobile games in the top list of app stores is the key to sales success in the future.


Many companies for application promotion use a number of successful means that include: optimizing the game for a specific app store, search for alternative app stores, collaboration with social networks, implementation of PR-activities and the use of other unusual ways of promotion.


Survey of mobile phones users


В рамках исследования J’son & Partners Consulting был проведен опрос активных пользователей мобильного интернета со смартфонов, осуществленный компанией Profi Online Research по заказу J’son & Partners Consulting в октябре 2012 года.


Within the study J'son & Partners Consulting in October 2012 conducted a survey of active users of mobile Internet through smartphones.


The survey has provided important statistic data on the current situation on the Russian markets of mobile games, mobile marketing, advertising, technology, and services


According to the survey of J'son & Partners Consulting, 40% of smartphone owners play mobile games every day, but only 51% of users play PC games every day



Most of users who play every day have an primary (83%) and secondary education (44%), the proportion of people with higher education is 38%.


Sufficiently large number of players is concentrated in older age groups: 26% of people aged 55 years and older play mobile games every day, 35% - once a week.


Among the most popular operating system platforms are iOS and Android. The third position is held by Windows Mobile platform.


Contents of the report «Russian mobile games market, 2010-2016»


1. Introduction
2. Methodology and sources
3. Research scale
4. Mobile games classification
      4.1. Specific features of different platforms
      4.2. Commercial models of mobile games
            4.2.1. Mobile games sales
            4.2.2. Shareware games: Freemium, Free2play
            4.2.3. Advertising model
      4.3. Game format “single game”, “user with user”, MMO
      4.4. Specific features of mobile games classification in Russia and CIS countries
5. Global mobile games market
      5.1. Adjacent markets
      5.2. The size of global mobile games market
      5.3. Mobile games market trends
      5.4. Mobile games market drivers
      5.5. Mobile games market barriers
6. Game life cycle
      6.1. The value chain
            6.1.1. Game development
         Intellectual development
         Technological development (certification))
            6.1.2. Mobile marketing
            6.1.3. Support
         Community support
         Technological support
            6.1.4. Sales
      6.2. Specific features of mobile games business 
      6.3. KPI for mobile games
7. Specific features of different platforms
      7.1. iOS
      7.2. Android
      7.3. Windows Phone/ Windows 8
8. Total size of mobile games market and trends in Russia
      8.1. Total size of the market of mobile games in Russia and its forecasts up to 2016
      8.2. Adjacent markets
            8.2.1. Online games market in Russia
            8.2.2. Cellular communication market in Russia
            8.2.3. Smartphones market
      8.3. Current trends among market participants 
      8.4. Socio-demographic characteristics of the audience
      8.5. Trends and ARPU dynamics
      8.6. Mobile games market drivers
      8.7. Mobile games market barriers
      8.8. Technological development
9. Conclusion


List of Figures

Figure 1. Classification of mobile games included in the report
Figure 2. The markets which are not covered in the research
Figure 3. Dynamics of the global online games market, million USD, 2010-2016
Figure 4. Dynamics of the global mobile games market, million people, 2010-2016
Figure 5. Total active subscriber base of mobile communication in the world,
Figure 6. Total mobile data traffic in the world, EB, 2010-2016
Figure 7. Mobile phones market size in natural terms in the world
Figure 8. Smartphone market size in natural terms in the world, million units, 2010-2015.
Figure 9. Total smartphone park in the world, billion units, 2010-2016
Figure 10. Total smartphone park in the world by operating systems, million units, 2010-2012
Figure 11.Mobile games market size, billion USD
Figure 12.Proportion of online games and mobile games markets, 2010-2016
Figure 13. Mobile games ARPU, USD
Figure 14. Mobile games audience, million people
Figure 15. Smartphone park, million units
Figure 16. Average smartphone price, USD
Figure 17. Number of downloads by categories, thousand
Figure 18. Time spent by specialist to develop a game, week/person
Figure 19. Alternative App Stores
Figure 20. Mobile marketing instruments
Figure 21. Use of application distribution channels by developers
Figure 22. Video games market size, million USD
Figure 23. Mobile content market: Java-games and game applications, million RUR
Figure 24. Mobile games market audience, million people
Figure 25. Total smartphones park by OS, %
Figure 26. Dynamics of Russian online games market, million USD, 2010-2016
Figure 27. Dynamics of online games audiences by segment, million users, 2010-2016
Figure 11. Total active subscriber base of mobile communication in Russia, million
                subscribers, 1Q2010-2Q2012
Figure 12. Total mobile data traffic, billion MB, 1Q2010-2Q2012
Figure 13. Frequency of mobile internet usage through smartphones
Figure 28. Total number of sold smartphones, million units, 1Q2010-2Q2012
Figure 29. Dynamics of average smartphone retail price in Russia, USD, 2008-2012
Figure 30. Market structure: smartphones – phones, %, in natural terms, Russia, 2009-2015
Figure 31. Mobile games market audience
Figure 32.Periodicity of game launches through different devices
Figure 33. Gender distribution of mobile games audience
Figure 34. Education degree of mobile games audience
Figure 35. The age of mobile games audience
Figure 36. Distribution of mobile games audience by OS
Figure 37. Income level of the mobile games audience
Figure 38. ARPU changes dynamics, USD
Figure 39. Smartphones park and mobile games audience


List of Tables

Table 1. Examples of paid mobile games
Table 2. Examples of mobile games based on Freemium model
Table 3. Examples of mobile games based on Free2play model
Table 4. Examples of mobile games based on Freemium model
Table 6. 3G networks penetration rating by country



This Information Note is Prepared by J’son & Partners Consulting, We strive to provide factual and prognostic data that fully reflect the situation and are available to us before issuing the material. J’son & Partners Consulting reserves the right to revise the data after publication of new official information by the market players.


J'son & Partners Consulting presents brief results of the research "Russian mobile games market".