Vedomosti. Financial Forum of Russia. David Lubin, Citi: Is there life on emerging markets?
Global Events
2044 0 1 December 2015

David Lubin, Managing Director, Head of Emerging Markets Economics at Citi, made a speech «Is there lifeon emerging markets?» at the Session «World Finance: Forecast of development» within VII Annual Business Forum «Financial Forum of Russia», organized by the newspaper «Vedomosti».

Open Innovations 2015. Burt Rutan, aircraft designer: The space plane of the future
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2096 0 18 November 2015

Speech of Burt Rutan, well-known American aircraft designer, founder of Scaled Composites and developer of SpaceShipTwo at the Open Talk session at the Open Innovation 2015 forum.

Open Innovations 2015. Burt Rutan, Aircraft designer: Cost and safety are two problems for commercial flights into space
Global Events
2692 0 12 November 2015

JSON.TV interviewed Burt Rutan, well-known American Aircraft designer, founder of Scaled Composites and father of SpaceShipTwo at the forum Open Innovation 2015 in Moscow.

Genezis Club. Hi Tech Investors Breakfast #10. Andrew Tsao, Silicon Valley Bank: among our Clients are Uber, AirBnb and about 90% of the US’ Unicorns
Global Events
1936 0 10 November 2015

Andrew Tsao, Managing Director of Silicon Valley Bank, talks about its bank and customers, international business development and prospects of venture capital investments in Russia.

White Nights Moscow. Bob Slinn, Facebook: How to build better games with Facebook
Global Events
1940 0 26 October 2015

Bob Slinn, Head of Games Partnerships at Facebook, shared his views on how the platform can help game developers

Open Museum: Presentation of Rebecca McGinnis, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
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2451 0 5 October 2015

Rebecca McGinnis, Senior Museum Educator at Access & Community Programs Education from The Metropolitan Museum of Art shares experience of using different ways to help people with disabilities to get the full-view of Museum expositions.

Rebecca McGinnis, The Metropolitan Museum of Art – Usage of mobile devices is a future for museums
Global Events
2038 0 1 October 2015

In exclusive interview to JSON.TV Rebecca McGinnis, Senior Museum Educator, Access & Community Programs Education from The Metropolitan Museum of Art shares her view and experience of using different kinds of technology to help people with disabilities. Metropolitan museum uses a lot of audio, computer, eye tracking and even smell- producing devices and robots to help people with disabilities get the full-view of Museum expositions. Rebecca emphasizes the usage of mobile devises at the museums as a new and serious trend.

Elaine Addington, Glasgow Museums Resource Centre – Museum Minecraft
Global Events
2661 0 1 October 2015

In exclusive interview to JSON.TV Elaine Addington, Open Museum Curator at Glasgow Museums Resource Centre shares experience of IT technology usage in Scotland museums for people with disabilities. They are using a lot of touch screens and audio, also show very interesting experience of applying 3-D computer game Minecraft for the museum needs. The game interface is used to build historical events or buildings and objects modeling.

Intel & RVK event. Christian Morales, Intel: Do-It-Yourself’ community and Internet of things
Global Events
2659 0 25 September 2015

Speech by Mr. Morales during a press conference on the signing of a strategic agreement with RVC to support communities of tech enthusiasts in Russia (Do It Your Self or "makers"). How Intel works today in direction of Internet of things. Intel Edison and Intel Curie platforms. Only 1/5 part of Things now connected, so Internet of Things or IoT – it’s a future for connecting last 85% part of it.  

Christian Morales, Intel: 50% of all innovations in IoT will be invented by completely new and young startups
Global Events
2392 0 21 September 2015

Christian Morales, Vice President, General Manager, EMEA, Intel Corporation   An interview with Mr. Morales after Intel’ signing a strategic agreement with RVC for supporting community of technical enthusiasts (Do-It-Yourself) in Russia. 

Alessandro Volcic, Kroll Advisory Solutions: Telecom, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing are the most attractive spheres for fraud
Global Events
3112 0 10 July 2015

In an interview for JSON.TV at the business luncheon of ALTHAUS GROUP, Alessandro Volcic, Senior Director of Kroll Advisory Solutions in Russia & CIS shared his opinion on the situation of financial fraud in Russian companies.


Russian Startup Tour 2015. Pekka Viljakainen: such ordinary people as we are - the main driver of a new economy
Global Events
1978 0 10 July 2015

Pekka Viljakainen, Advisor to the President of Skolkovo, Skolkovo Foundation: "Entrepreneurial spirit – is the situation when a person is not satisfied by being just "the most beautiful man in Moscow" or in Russia.

Startup Village 2015, Antti Parviainen, Innovestor: We are already working with Russian side in the energy sector
Global Events
5428 0 10 July 2015

In an interview for JSON.TV, Antti Parviainen, co-founder of Innovestor, spoke about their plans of cooperation with Skolkovo, and noted that the two countries have been working together on energy startups.  

Startup Village 2015, Pekka Soini, Tekes: Finland is very comfortable for Russian startups
Global Events
3450 0 10 July 2015

In an interview for JSON.TV, Pekka Soini, CEO of Tekes, outlined plans for joint cooperation between Finland and Russia in the field of startups, stressing the idea that such cooperation would be very important for both countries. According to Pekka Soini, Finland is very beneficial for Russian companies due to its geographical location. Russian companies are very close to home as well as operate on the European market entirely.

Startup Village 2015, Peter Vesterbacka, Rovio: Everyone will have own smartphone very soon
Global Events
3155 0 10 July 2015

Startup Village, - is the only conference of such scale in Russia, has been held for the third year. The main purpose of the event is communication of startup founders with successful entrepreneurs, large industrialists, investors, government officials and with each other. Startup Village takes place in the open air and on the site of the future city of Skolkovo, so each participant can personally see how the first innovation center in Russia is being constructed.

Startup Village 2015, Jorge Audy, TECNOPUC: The main trend in the World - to connect different people & countries
Global Events
3191 0 10 July 2015

In an interview for JSON.TV, Jorge Audy, president of the Latin American division of technological park TECNOPUC, called the main trend of the Global market and modern technologies - bringing people together and common work on the tasks on international scale. Jorge Audy also hopes that the current agreement between Skolkovo and TECNOPUK would lead to fruitful cooperation, and would become a real bridge between Russia and Latin America. According to Mr. Audy, the Russian market is very important for the whole world.

John Schreiner, Vice President of business development, IMAX: «You - inside the film».
Global Events
2580 0 10 July 2015

“The first movie theater with IMAX-laser technology will appear in Moscow already by the end of this year. Our new 3D laser technology will make you forget about 4D and movable chairs. The image quality will amaze you, and you’re, captured by that, almost feel yourself inside the film”.  

Huawei SoftCom. Ren Xudong, Huawei Technologies: company strategy in SDN/NFV deployments
Global Events
2527 0 9 July 2015

Ren Xudong, Vice President, Marketing & Strategy of Fixed Network Solution, Huawei Technologies. Similarities and differencesbetweenSDN & NFV; carrier’ involvement and maturity of the ecosystem; Huawei’ strategy in SDN/NFV deployments and its competitive advantage.

Startup Village 2015, closed business-breakfast: Skolkovo is about hard work and luck
Global Events
2667 0 3 July 2015

At the beginning of the second day of Startup Village in Skolkovo held a closed business breakfast for investors willing to work with the Russian projects and wanted to find interesting startups during Startup Village.

Gregory Gazagne, Executive Vice President, Criteo: potential of Russian market
Global Events
2215 0 28 May 2015

Mr. Gazagne talks about current activities and plans Criteo for Russia, reasons for opening office here, international and Russian clients, their success after starting to use Criteo solutions.

M-Enabling Russia 2015. Ron Akins, E.J. Krause & Associates, Inc.: "I hope M-Enabling Summit would become a traditional event in Russia"
Global Events
1785 0 27 May 2015

Ron Akins, Senior Vice President, E.J. Krause & Associates talks about the company and its key areas of activity. As well as about the reasons which prompted E.J.Krause to organize M-Enabling series of events worldwide, helping 3Gict - Global Initiative for Inclusive ICT.  

M-Enabling Russia 2015. Axel Leblois, G3ict: 1 bln people with disabilities need equal access to ICT
Global Events
1871 0 27 May 2015

Axel Leblois, Founder and Executive director, G3ict talks about origins, activities and success of 3Gict Global initiative. Where is the border of responsibility between state and business in providing access to ICT for people with disabilities. Mr. Leblois also gives some success stories of cooperation G3ict with global operators, including VimpelCom in Russia.

Angela Hsu, head of mobile systems business group, ASUS in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries
Global Events
1999 0 27 May 2015

In interview, Ms. Xu shares plans on sales for ASUS’ new generation flagship smartphone ZenFone 2 in the world, as well as explains why the company is confident in the bright future for new segment of wearable devices.