BOOM of pay tv in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is overstepping European region, in general, by growth rates of pay TV services. According to J’Son&Partners Consulting data, market revenues from TV advertising are growing much faster than other industries.

Especially this concerns Poland, Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary. These countries are in TOP 5 among Eastern European countries by volume of national GDP according to data of national statistic authorities, and also the largest countries by population.

According to Digital TV Research, only in 2013, 13 mln.HHs had been connected to digital TV, by 2012 – the penetration of digital TV was 50% in the region. The number of connected HHs will increase two fold and will reach 121 mln. from 2012 – 2018.

In total, pay TV operators earned 5759 mln.USD in 2012. According to J’son & Partners Consulting evaluations, the leader by TV advertising market volume is Poland – over 1 bln.USD (as of end of 2013). Second one is Czech Republic – 300 mln.USD. Romania and Hungary are almost on the same level: revenue of two countries from TV advertising in 2013 was 5 times less than in Poland and 20% less than in Czech Republic.